My Supercrawl Experience

Supercrawl in Hamilton is by far the largest festival that I have taken part in. There are over 100 art and craft vendors, plenty of shows to take in and a buzz like no other. As a new resident of Hamilton, I was so excited to be accepted as an art vendor at Supercrawl. 
My preparation began with finding a solution to update my packaging. Prior to Supercrawl, I was sporting some good ol' fashion hand cut foam board and cellophane taped together (neatly) by masking tape. Try doing that for over 200 prints... It just wasn't going to work! My packaging now includes a sturdy board and a cellophane sleeve - you can imagine the ease here!
My next step in preparation was to create many smaller paintings available for purchase. Time only allowed me to create two very new and very special little paintings.


The day of the event came quickly, we were up at 7am ensuring everything was crossed of the list and the car was loaded up! The day was damp but I was optimistic. After our booth was set up we grabbed a celebratory latte and donut from Mulberry Coffee. The buzz began to pick up and we were set for the day. 
The rain didn't let up but that didn't stop visitors from walking the streets. The days were long but definitely worth it. Until 2016, Supercrawl! You were a blast. 

    Kat Serediuk