Liquitex Muted Collection - Review

Liquitex Acrylic paints have been my go to for as long as I have been an artist. Each shade and hue that they created never disappoints my palette, they are a tried and true professional acrylic brand. I am excited that I finally got my hands on the swatches from Liquitex's new limited edition Muted Collection. The new series features 5 muted (yet brilliantly vibrant) colours that will add a subdued hue to your next painting.

I first came across this collection as I was perusing through the art supplies store, the purples, greys and greens caught my eye. Though, I was going through a phase of "only buy what you need" and quickly exited the store as I started tallying up my potential transaction. Alas, that phase has ended, so here I am, with new swatches in hand. I was more drawn to the Muted Violet and Muted Green as these are common colours found within my paintings.

The collection itself contains:

  • Muted Violet
  • Muted Turquoise
  • Muted Pink
  • Muted Grey
  • Muted Green

Seen above are my test patches ranging in dilutions and opacities. I purchased the Muted Violet in a heavy body medium, while the Muted Green is a soft body medium. Both flow beautifully and create rich colour. At full opacity, the green is very dark, however, a slight spread of this paint opens the lightness in this swatch up and the true Muted Green starts to reveal itself. You can see this more as I diluted the soft body acrylic. The Muted Violet is a deep, jewel like tone that maintains its radiance as it becomes diluted.

When I truly think of the Muted Collection, Muted is the last thing on my mind. These colours are bold and rich and will add a much needed depth to any painting.

Check out the full line and videos here.

Kat Serediuk