Into The East : Preface


On August 29th I will be departing for an adventure out east, we will be making stops in Montreal, New Brunswick, Halifax and of course many more pit stops along the way! 

Taking a road trip out east is actually a first for me, I haven't had the time or the luxury of being able to travel and hell I don't have it now either! When you decide to dedicate yourself to creating artwork that is truly Canadiana it's hard to be authentic without having seen all that this beautiful country has to offer. So, this trip is both a necessity to make my work truly authentic and to establish some awareness of my work out east. 

I am currently in the process of creating a integrated photo series entitled "Into The East". Along the way out I will be distributing small (4 x 6 inch) paintings to, as I see it, very lucky recipients! This whole process will be documented and brought to life with a show in the near future. 

It's hard, as an artist, to put so much time into creating something to then, essentially, give that piece of you away to a complete stranger. This is such an exciting opportunity though and I am extremely excited to start the distribution process. The production is still underway and I don't have much longer, time to put on another pot of coffee and get to work... 

-Kat Serediuk