6 Things I Learned on My Travels


1. Strep throat sucks.

It's immensely painful and I wish it upon no one. Talking alone is a painful joke, and don't even try eating - hey, maybe even stop breathing... All bitterness aside it made for a challenge. It's discouraging when you know that if you ask someone to participate in your painting / photographic series you will then feel a terrible pain when you should feel adrenaline and joy!

2. It is much easier to give something away to a woman than to a man.

I don't know if this is because of the openess of women or their general sweet nature but I found it much easier to approach a women to give a painting to. The men that I did find had these qualities too, openness and of course they were super friendly.

3. If you ask someone for help they will always listen.

My approach was very simple and came naturally. If I ask someone to help me with something I have the oppurtunity to explain myself and never once did this method not work.

4. People always think there's a catch.

If you don't use the help method people will always think there's some sort of scam behind you're selling. No one believes in free.

5. I have selective shyness.

I'm usually an outspoken, approach any one, gift of gab person. But I'm usually not trying to get the person I approach to let me take their photo (and give me consent to use said photos). The mix of a selective shyness and not being able to speak without a crazy amount of pain made it unusually hard for me to give paintings away, although a spark would hit me out of no where and I would burst out with the request for someone to participate in this project of mine.

6. The east is BEAUTIFUL.

This should have been first on the list. 100%. Driving from Ontario to Nova Scotia was amazingly beautiful. The mountains, the tree lines, the coast, the history, everything makes this part of our country magnificent.

We made the most of our trip despite the strep throat and trips to hospitals and clinics. I think I became a better person for this experience, learning to enjoy what I can and not to bury myself in the sickness. Let's hope next trip we stay strep free and even more paintings get handed out!

- Kat Serediuk