2018 Goals


Twenty Seventeen was a big year! It seems with each passing year I have something happens that tops the last, and at this rate, Twenty Eighteen is going to be a whirlwind. This year, I got married, took my first trip across the pond (Portugal) and visited a new continent for the first time. I know this seems strange but I have been a pretty - Canada only kind of gal for some time. Besides trips to the states, I haven't traveled very far, all in due time I say! But getting married was a job in itself, especially if you decide that you want to DIY pretty much everything except the food. Last year kept me busy and as it comes to a close, I can't help but reflect on the events passed and make big plans for the new year. 

Each year I set small and large goals rather than resolutions, the intention of a goal is to develop something you are working towards rather than something that you have simply decided like a switch to begin doing or not doing. Let’s face it, when we decide on resolutions they are often forgotten after January. Every goal can be broken down into actions that will help you become successful, it is much less daunting to check off small wins rather than stare your big scary resolution in the face.

Last year, I had one main goal. That goal was to create a painting each week which would have resulted in 52 paintings by the end of the year, a pretty impressive total I felt. I’m sad to say I didn’t meet this goal this year, however, I did produce, 23! That’s almost half my goal in what was an extremely busy year. I still feel like this is quite the accomplishment however, I know there is much work to be done. 

As we are now into 2018 my goal can now reset, yay! This year, I will continue to work towards creating 52 paintings for the sum of the year. Each year holds exciting new creative possibilities, new things to dream up and a fresh focused mind. Keep updated on my progress towards mission 52 by following @katserediuk on Instagram. 

Kat Serediuk